A Decision

by Lacuna

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"A Decision" is the culmination of 10 months in singer-songwriter Kris Ward's life—A five track EP inspired by the desperation of regret, and the hope for a better future. It is the soundtrack to the long, silent train rides from Milwaukee to Chicago.

Musically, "A Decision" is the sum of Ward's considerable songwriting experience and a result of his diverse influences. Ward merges the raw aggression of post-hardcore and punk with a keen sense of melody and ambience that could only come from appreciation of pop-punk and post-rock.

From reflections on lost friends and broken relationships to forlorn contemplation and ambitious dreaming, this EP runs the gamut of early adult emotions, from feeling trapped, to remaining hopeful through the support of his ever-faithful friends and loved ones.

Under the moniker Lacuna—meaning “a gap or missing part”—A Decision is Ward's first official solo release and his first release on Airspace Records.


released July 10, 2012

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Track Name: August
The ground shakes beneath me. I’m so scared I can barley move. As it splits beneath my feet & pulls me down into the deep, I don’t quite know what to do.

This isn’t the end of you my friend.You’ll live with us each and every day. And I know this is belated but...I love you...I love you too.

As buildings start to fall, and the sky fades to black I receive your call with a phrase to end them all. Like a nightmare gone wrong, no he’s not fucking gone, so wake me from this horrible sleep and tell me it’s all a dream.

So hold your breath as we lay our friend to rest. But if there is one thing that I’ve learned from this its “if we always stay united, then nothing can take us down.”
Track Name: 301 to Chicago
Talk to me, calm me down, don’t let me drown in this silence. My mind slowly slips away. Just tell me I’m not a waste, this isn’t fate, that I’m worthy of someone’s love.

As the sky opens up & the rain starts to fade my dreams become clear, it’s always been your face.

Stars fly by in the sky tonight & I’ll make a single wish that you could be mine. Maybe some day you could finally see that you’re the only one meant for me.

And all those cold winter nights to those days in July or that time in August were we said goodbye.Those memories will mean so much to me and I hope our future can live up to my dreams.

Time flashes by right in front of my eyes ‘cause I’ve got that one way ticket to Chicago tonight. To feel back home and maybe alive.Tonight. I just want to feel alive tonight.
Track Name: Last Stand
A new life, that’s what I have, a new start to get on track. I’ve wasted four years just waiting for this, so I set the bar high for disappointment.

Drop everything. Get to the water, the sky is on fire. I’m living my worst dream again.

A few months went by & the sky cleared, I could see now for sure I wasn’t meant here.There was no escape I am a hostage. Please take me away I am exhausted.

The sea starts to swell as I get dragged in, there is no more hope, I’ve hit the deep end. This was a mistake, another year down the drain; I have no more strength to fight through the pain. I just wanted to feel alive one last time.
Track Name: Decent
Because I know I’m not the one for you. Denial is something I’ve grown to accept through the years. I just wish I could be someone I’m not, someone who stopped giving those fucks. I wish I was out of this rut.

How come everyone’s happy but me?

I just need someone to help me believe that I’m so much better than what I see, because I see exactly what I shouldn’t be.

They always tell me I don’t see it the right way, maybe we’re all the same; I just see things through the shame of your everyday.

I can’t accept I’m wrong, I want to be strong, but I’m wrong.
Track Name: Note to Self (Stairs)
I’m shooting blanks, I’m feeling at ease. Nothing to write, nothing to preach. I’ll let you off easy and not tell you what I’m feeling; I’ve done enough of that today.

The distance between sane & insanity lies directly between this page & this ink. I swear I’m trying, these words are lying, conversations between my pen & reality.

I try & let it out, I can only think to shout. There is no value to these few lines, just a final self-inflicted lie.

But you wouldn’t understand. Nothing makes sense, I don’t know why I am trying to please an audience of me.

Because I’ll do this right. I’ll do this right. I’ve got it right, but I’m never right.

No matter how hard I try its always demise in your eyes/my eyes.

Cause I’m never right, I’m never right. Fucking shit, why not this once?